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LeAnn Kirkpatrick

61 Aries Dr. Rexburg, Idaho 83440

208 313-9531


Some recipes I often use and have been saving for a personal cookbook are saved on www.tiers4u.weebly.com

My Background

   When I was young, my mom and dad did wedding cakes for family and friends.  There was always left over icing and pieces of cake on which I could practice my skills.  I love art and drawing, and the two just naturally fit together.  More than thirty years later I design, bake, and decorate unique cakes, my favorite, of course, is wedding cakes.  I love doing more than the traditional cake and trying something new.  With all the new things happening in cake decorating it has really added to my enthusiasm for this art form.  This website is to share a few of the cakes I have done.

 If you are thinking about ordering a cake from me, please call me for a personal consultation and together we can design your own unique cake. 

LeAnn Kirkpatrick

Rexburg Idaho 

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China Sabbatical

We were teaching and traveling in China from September 2014 to June 2015.  Before we left China I already had orders for wedding cakes and birthday cakes for the summer.  It was a great year with many adventures and many new friends made.  Since we returned home I have posted pictures of cakes as I did them on my Facebook Page, Tiers4u Celebration cakes. I will transfer them here as I have time.

Since coming back from China last year I have been busy once again doing all kinds of cakes.  I have done a lot of birthday cakes but my first love is, and always will be, wedding cakes.  There is something about making that once in a lifetime cake!